Standard 5

Standard 5: Impact on Student Learning

Physical education teacher candidates utilize assessments and reflection to foster student learning and inform instructional decisions.

Element 5.2 Use appropriate assessments to evaluate student learning before, during, and after instruction.

Artifact: Teacher Work Sample Presentation PED 434

Date: Fall 2013


This is the power point from a presentation given after teaching yoga and completing a pre-assessment and post assessment with a class of teacher candidates. I completed this with a partner in my PED 434 Statistics and Assessment in Physical Education class. During our lesson we assess the psychomotor, affective, and cognitive domains with different forms of assessment tools. We used checklists, student exit slips, rating scales, and fitness band goals to measure student progress and knowledge.

This presentation relates to standard 5 because we used assessments during and after the lesson to show learning before, during, and after. Since yoga was not a common unit for our sample class we used cues that are vital for basic yoga instead of assessing if the student perfected the yoga pose. We made these assessments appropriate by using easy cues so the students did not feel threated by the idea of being assessed in yoga. As a teacher it is important to assess your students but the assessments must be appropriate for the student’s developmental level. It is important to always be assessing in class to measure student progress and the effectiveness of my own teaching styles.

Link to Power Point:  Liberty Middle School

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