Standard 4

Standard 4: Instructional Delivery and Management

Physical education teacher candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.

Element 4.2 Implement effective demonstrations, explanations, and instructional cues and prompts to link physical activity concepts and appropriate learning experiences.

Artifact: Bulletin Boards from 256 Field Experience at Burger Middle School in Rush, NY

Date: Winter 2013


These are the two bulletin boards I created during my EDU 256 Field Experience. Both boards are aimed towards a middle school audience and contain many different types of information in different styles to enhance student engagement in physical activity. For the boy’s locker room board I described the different parts of the cross country skis and why they are important. I also included local areas to go cross country skiing and famous cross country skiiers. For the girl’s locker room I focused on the FITT concept and showed pictures, definitions, and examples to help the students understand more about fitness and exercise.

This artifact connects to standard 4 because I used different types of media to show ideas. For example I used a construction paper ski to physically show the different parts and matched the color of the part with the description. Both board ideas were created with the help of ideas from my host teacher. These artifacts are important to my development as a teacher because bulletin boards are a great way of posting information for students are showing examples and resources for the current unit.


Boys Locker Room Close Up
Middle School Boy’s Locker Room Board
Girls Locker Room Close Up
Middle School Girl’s Locker Room Board